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May 2016

Choosing the best dentist in London- 5 key factors

There are literally hundreds of dentists in London and choosing the best dentist in London for you can be a daunting task. We have 5 key factors which will help you to make the decision:

  1. Credentials. It is important to look for experience, post graduate qualifications and continuing education. Dentistry is an ever changing profession with major differences between basic and advanced dental care. Make sure your dentist is properly trained and well thought of in the profession.
  2. Case studies. Ask to see case photographs of similar treatments and even ask to speak to some of the patients. Although dentists cannot relay patient information, happy clients will to keen to share their experiences with others.
  3. Reviews. Look for reviews on sites such as Google . These require verification and are hard to falsify.
  4. Technology. The best dentists in London and the UK will have invested in the very best technology and materials. This could be from simple composite filling material to digital x rays to the most sophisticated dental lasers.
  5. Getting on with the team. It is important to get on with your dentist and the entire staff. After all, dentistry is a team affair and communication is often the key to a successful long term relationship.

At Progressive Dentistry, we believe that we offer the very best dental care available in London and the UK. Don't just take out word for it, look out for our reviews, awards, professional credentials and qualifications and view our Case of the Month series.

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