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Sep 2016

Fed up of seeing a different dentist every time?

A client came to see us recently, who was kindly referred by another patient, who was fed up of seeing a different dentist every time she went for an examination or treatment. Not only was she nervous of treatment in the first place but the fact she required substantial treatment made things even worse. A dentist should be a person of trust whom you will allow to help you through a journey to maintained oral health. This simply cannot happen if you are seen by differing personnel, where you have to explain the history over and over again. Unfortunately, we are seeing this becoming more and more common. However, there are excellent, caring practices out there which offer continuity of care. We are one of them. You will see the same dentist and hygienist every time; it is your choice. We believe in personal dentistry where we will do our best to appreciate your individual circumstances and tailor the treatment accordingly. If you require appointments early morning, late evening or at the weekend; this will be arranged. If you need a longer appointment even for a routine treatment, we will oblige. If you would like us to arrange travel arrangements for you after treatment, you have just to ask. Do not put up with poor service, poor communication and poor attention to detail. We are different. Give us a try and see how.



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