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Oct 2013

Stained teeth?

Stained teeth?

A lot of patients come to see us in the quest for whiter teeth, and ask us about the professional treatments on offer to fulfill their wish of whiter, cleaner looking teeth.

Patients also frequently ask what causes staining and how to avoid it. Most staining is easily removed during a routine scale and polish, but some things that cause staining can also cause long-term damage to natural teeth as well as fillings and veneers.

- Cigarettes, as well as cigars and betel nut/tobacco chewing. Stoptober has started, it's never too late https://stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk/

- Some mouthwashes, in particular Corsodyl. After around a week of use, will start to cause a brown/yellow stain on the teeth. This mouthwash should only be used on your dental professionals advice. Try Peroxyl as an alternative to help tackle gum disease, its oxygen producing formula is great for killing off bacteria. Any strong mouthwash should be used in the short-term only, and doesn't replace the effectiveness of brushing/flossing.

- The mixture of tannin and acid in Red Wine is a well known stain producing drink. White anyone?

- Tea and Coffee both contribute to staining. Try swapping espresso for a milkier alternative to avoid heavy staining and add milk to tea. Beware of some Herbal Teas, they are some of the worst offenders. We notice that good quality (preferably organic) herbal tea will cause less staining than cheaper options

- Richly coloured sauces and spices

- Beware of sports drinks, they are highly acidic, which makes teeth more susceptible to taking on the colouring in the drink. Drink water to avoid this problem, or coconut water after exercising which will help to naturally hydrate you as it is full of natural electrolytes.

If you have any questions regarding stained teeth or how to whiten your teeth, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jan 2020

Foods that stain your teeth

Most people want to have white teeth. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than smiling in front of someone or a camera with teeth as dark as charcoal. That's quite exaggerated, but you get the idea. If you don't believe that many people want white teeth, it s worth knowing that the teeth whitening industry generates over £10 billion a year. That's a lot of money spent on trying to get a set of teeth white. The Cause of Stained Teeth Now, you might be wondering what stains the teeth in the first place… READ MORE
Jul 2017

It's July 1st! Time for summer whitening

Today is the first of July and summer is in full swing. Wimbledon is around the corner, the Lions have just beaten the All Blacks and it's party season. Why not freshen up your smile with tooth whitening? After all, a beaming smile shows confidence, health and beauty! Here are the options: Philips ZOOM LED in surgery whitening. By far and away our best technique; this will provide instant results. After 90 minutes of treatment, you will have a visibly whiter smile which is easy to maintain. We provide a ta… READ MORE
Dec 2013

Tooth Whitening for Christmas!

Tooth whitening is the most asked for cosmetic dental procedure especially for Christmas. Whitening teeth is a simple, predictable and non invasive way of producing a gleaming smile. We have a number of methods to whiten teeth. A new system we have introduced is that of Enlighten whitening. This is the only system that guarantees a B1 result, which is one of the lightest dental shades. Therefore, if you have undergone whitening in the past without success, this could be the system for you! Have a look at … READ MORE
Aug 2013

Teeth Whitening Strips

Whitewash teeth whitening strips are now available at Progressive Dentistry. Whitening strips are the most simple and hassle free way of brightening your smile. HOW DO THEY WORK? The strips are simply placed over your teeth and left for 1 hour. Afterwards they can be removed and disposed of. This should be repeated for 10-14 days for whiter teeth-simple! ADVANTAGES OF TEETH WHITENING STRIPS There is no need for impressions. Teeth whitening trays are not required. No need for bleaching gel. More affor… READ MORE


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