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Jun 2016

The Requirements For Dental Implant Treatment - 10 Key Factors

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As we all know, dental implant treatment is the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. This is true for single missing teeth, several missing teeth or all missing teeth. However, not everyone is suitable for dental implants.

Here are 10 key factors that are required for long term success:

1. A healthy mouth without tooth decay and gum disease

2. Adequate bone height- ideally greater than 8mm . This can be assessed on a CT scan.

3. Adequate bone width- ideal greater than 5mm. This can be assessed on a CT scan.

4. Enough space for the new tooth, teeth or bridge. This should be assessed on articulated study models, digital photographs or intra oral scans.

5. A stable bite. This is determined as above.

6. Sound levels of keratinised tissue- this is the band of tissue surrounding teeth right at the gum level called attached gingiva. This will help provide robust support to the cuff of the dental implant.

7. Lack of parafunctional habits- tooth grinding at night can cause even the best treatment to fail

8. Great oral hygiene- dental implants require more than just brushing. Special care is needed to clean them properly to avoid peri implantitis.

9. Regular visits to the dental hygienist and regular check ups.

10. A great implant dentist!

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Jun 2020
Sep 2019

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