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Sep 2014

Back to school! Tips on children's oral health

It is that time of year again- back to school. The summer holidays are over and the new school year begins. Oh well, never mind, it will be half term soon! Here are some useful tips on maintaining your child's oral health for the new school year: 1. Avoid sugary drinks. Fizzy drinks are especially bad. Did you know that a can of cola contains 4 tablespoons of sugar. Yes, that is correct- tablespoons not teaspoons. 2. Avoid snacking on processed snacks such as the weird and wonderful shaped crisps. These can be very sticky and difficult to remove. They also contain starch. A recipe for tooth decay. 3. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes. A timer is useful. 4. Use a fluoride mouthwash after brushing especially at night time. There are many children's versions available. They key is not to swallow- gargle for 30 second and spit. Do not rinse with water afterwards. 5. Use plaque disclosing tablets. These are ideal at night to avoid a pink mouth at school! 6. Visit the dentist and hygienist twice a year. At Progressive Dentistry, we offer FREE children's examinations with a registered parent. Developing good dental habits at a young age is vital- prevention is better than cure.


Feb 2020

5 bad habits connected to children's oral health

Parents need to teach their children about healthy dental habits while they are young. Healthy dental habits take time to develop, so it s good to start them young to keep their teeth far from cavities. Aside from teaching children what to do, parents must also teach them what not to do. Children may have simple habits, such as nail-biting or thumb-sucking, that may appear normal. However, unknown to many parents, these common habits may lead to adverse oral health outcomes. That said, it is crucial to pre… READ MORE
Jan 2020

4 ways to take care of your child's oral health

Your children s oral health is easy to be overlooked, because most of the time, it doesn t present significant problems. However, you should not forget the importance of dental health especially for children. Before it s too late, start investing more in your child s oral health so that they will have beautiful smiles and healthy teeth as they grow. Below are four ways to be on top of your child s oral health. Keep on reading to find out more. Routine dental visits Keep in mind that oral health isn t jus… READ MORE
Nov 2015

Footballers and rotting teeth!

In a recent study by UCL, shocking statistics were found on the levels of tooth decay and gum disease on footballers. The article was in the Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11970016/Premier-League-footballers-plagued-by-rotting-teeth-UCL-finds.html We have certainly seen decay present within the sports industry due to the diet that is often required for energy levels. For instance, energy sports drinks are FULL of sugar. These drinks are often sipped throughout training ses… READ MORE
Sep 2015

Jamie's Sugar Rush

Jamie Olivier is on a crusade to reduce the sugar intake in the UK and quite rightly so! There were shocking images of children having all of their teeth extracted because of tooth decay solely due to sugar intake. This is unacceptable and should not be the case in the day and age we live in. Sugary drinks are one of the main causes, with up to 4 large tablespoons of added sugar in some well know drinks. Yes, that's right, 4 tablespoons! We are happy to provide education to all to reduce sugar consumption… READ MORE


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