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Mar 2015

Continual professional development- CPD

We strongly believe in continual professional development or CPD for short. The developments in dentistry are moving at a rapid rate and it is vital to keep up to date with the these advancements. On Friday, Dr Nissit Patel and Paula Ryan will be attending a core CPD meeting in Kensington. This will address important issues such as oral cancer, dental radiology, medical emergencies, decontamination and cross infection. As a practice, we are committed to being at the forefront of dental care. We undertake hundreds of hours of CPD per year, above and beyond the minimum requirements.


Dec 2021

Mouth Cancer Awareness

We don’t know what causes most mouth cancers. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase your risk. Up to 90% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors. This means that with a few small changes, you can help cut your chances of developing mouth cancer. If you do not stop or reduce the things that might put you at greater risk, it is important that you self check at home and regularly visit your dentist. The below causes are linked to mouth cancer. Smoking Smoking tobacco incr… READ MORE
Dec 2015
Dec 2014

Continuing education

We strongly believe in life long learning with continual education. Recently the practice has completed a course on adult and paediatric life support and medical emergencies. This is consider a core subject and is undertaken on a yearly basis. Dr Nissit Patel has also just completed an IR(ME)R course in dental radiography and radiation protection- justification, optimisation and limitation. This was a full day course with Eric Waites as the speaker, a well renowned expert in the field. In November, Dr Pat… READ MORE
Nov 2014

Dentistry in the news

Dentistry has certainly been in the news recently with the dentist from Nottingham and his dubious cross infection techniques. This therefore puts the spotlight on dentistry as a whole but also allows us to respond and let our patients know exactly how our cross infection policy works. This is what we do: 1. Alcohol hand rub prior to every patient and new gloves. 2. Every single instrument is taken from a pre sterilied bag that has a date when it was sterilised and when it should be sterilised again it n… READ MORE


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