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Apr 2024

E Max Porcelain Veneers To Transform A Smile

We love to create new smiles with the most modern technology and techniques available that are kind to the teeth, are natural and long lasting. In many cases, porcelain veneers will give the best aesthetic and functional results. This is especially the case when teeth already have been filled and are now starting to show discolouration or are worn and chipped. Porcelain veneers will completely transform a smile by creating new outer surfaces for the teeth. This is shown superbly by our case of the month for February 2024.

Most celebrities and television personalities have porcelain veneers on the upper teeth. If you take a close look, the lower teeth are often slightly darker and a little uneven!

The process

With the advent of digital dentistry, your new smile can be viewed before starting any treatment with a digital projection and a smile mock up. We will take scans and photos of your teeth first and then provide a digital mock up for the shaping. This can be 3D printed and we can then provide a mock up using one of our temporary veneer materials. Luxatemp is the best in our opinion.

Once you are happy with the proposed new smile, we can start the process with the preparation phase. We always aim for the least amount of preparation possible with the aim of ending of sound tooth enamel if at all possible. The reason for this is twofold:

1. Enamel provides the best bond strength for veneers

2. Once cemented into place, the veneer/ enamel seal is extremely robust with low risks of leakage

We will then place provisional veneers ready for the fabrication of the E max veneers which are normally ready within two weeks. The veneers can then be fitted. Our preferred cement of choice is called Rely X by 3M.

Case of the Month February 2024

Our case is a classic one where the upper front teeth were treated many years ago with composite fillings, which have discoloured, worn and chipped over the years. Although replacing the composites would have improved the appearance, the only way to provide a fully aesthetic result was by using veneers.

worn & discoloured front teeth

Quite severely worn and discoloured front teeth.

natural, aesthetic & long lasting teeth using e max veneers

The beauty of veneers! Natural, aesthetic and long lasting. Superb laboratory work by Ceramic Studios using E Max veneers.

Book your free video call

If you would like to know more about porcelain veneers, the next step is to arrange a free video call with Dr Nissit Patel or Dr Kunal Shah and they will go over all of the options and treatment that would be best suited for you. Please book in today.


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