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Jun 2024

Invisalign To Fix Rotated Teeth

Case of the Month April 2024

Our case of the month for April 2024 is one using one of our favourite treatments; Invisalign. As you may be aware, Invisalign is the most well know orthodontic system in the world and for good reason. The science and technology behind the system means that we can predictably correct even the most crooked teeth including severe rotations. The key is in the planning. Not all Invisalign is the same! We spend a great deal of time planning each and every case to achieve the best possible results. This case highlights that beautifully.

The initial situation

Our patient was told that he could not be treated with Invisalign and that only fixed train track braces could fix the crooked teeth. The particular problems here were the heavily twisted lateral (side) incisors as well as the central teeth overlapping and the canine (fang) teeth sticking out.

heavily twisted lateral incisors as central teeth overlapping & the canine teeth sticking out

After Invisalign Treatment

We worked out this treatment in two phases with the first phase creating space called arch expansion and the second phase concentrating on the rotations and optimising the bite.

teeth after invisalign treatment

Treatment Time and Cost

The overall time for treatment was 8 months using Invisalign Comprehensive and the cost £3950. Our Invisalign Comprehensive package includes unlimited aligners, unlimited refinements, final fixed and removable retainers, a tooth whitening pack, tooth contouring and a 5 year warranty in case of relapse*

Treatment in this case completed by Dr Nissit Patel

dr nissit patel

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May 2024

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Jan 2024

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Sep 2023

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Sep 2023

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