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Mar 2023

Invisalign To Widen The Smile And Improve The Bite

Invisalign The Progressive Dentistry Way

Invisalign is one of our favourite treatment techniques. It is a phenomenal clear aligner therapy which is head and shoulders above the rest. The technology behind the treatment is simply amazing and we can treat virtually every case with Invisalign. The days of 'this can only be treated with fixed braces' has gone! However, it is important to understand that each treatment is bespoke and planned by us carefully. We do not just simply accept the algorithm from Invisalign and we put our mark on each and every case. Not all Invisalign is the same.

Invisalign To Widen The Smile

Invisalign is excellent at arch expansion or arch development. In turn, this widens the smile line and improves the overall aesthetics. If you cannot see your back teeth when smiling, this is often due to a narrow arch and the teeth being inclined inwards. This is called the 'buccal corridor'. In our opinion, there is no better technique than Invisalign for widening the smile.

Invisalign To Expand The Arch And Improve The Bite

Our case of the month is a simple yet stunning one to expand the arch and improve the bite. Our client complained of bite issues, sore muscles and joint problems. On examination, Dr Nissit Patel was able to see that the bite was a major contributory factor to the problems and a plan was made to make some simple changes which would reduce the impact on the teeth and hence the muscles and the jaw joint. Invisalign was the agreed technique for this and within 6 months the changes were made and the bite improved.

Before Arch Expansion

Invisalign expansion before

Look carefully at the back teeth before arch expansion. You can see them inclining inwards which was a major issue on everyday function

After Arch Expansion

Invisalign expansion after

Now look at the back teeth after arch expansion - all of them are visible and this leads to a smoother bite

Interested In Invisalign?

If you are looking at improving your bite and smile with Invisalign, please contact us and arrange a free video call with Dr Patel.


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