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Nov 2023

Porcelain Veneers To Transform A Smile

Case of the Month November 2023 - Smile Transformation Using Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular ways of transforming a smile. Veneers are outer facings that cover the tooth/teeth to repair issues such as chips, fractures, asymmetry, discolouration or protect old fillings. The transformation of a smile can be life changing. A smile is one of the first things that is evident on a person and this can radiance confidence and self-belief. The treatment for veneers is not a straightforward one and requires careful planning and execution to achieve an outstanding result. Our case of the month highlights the beauty of this treatment and the process that is involved.

Planning is the key to success

In all cases, it is true to say that planning is vital for successful outcome. There is no exception and especially so for aesthetic treatments such as porcelain veneers. All cases will need a digital 'wax up' of the new smile. We leave this to our lab to fabricate on specially designed software. This way, you can see the difference between the current and proposed outcome. We can even provide a mock smile in the mouth which is essential in cases where the teeth are being enlarged in height and width. This way we can take into account the soft tissues such as the lips, the facial midlines, levels and curves of the smile.

Laboratory Communication is Essential

For our porcelain veneer cases, we schedule laboratory visits so that our technicians can see you in person and decide upon the correct shading, characterisation, shape and contours designed for you individually rather than from a library. In the most demanding cases, there will be several visits so that the final customisation is done with you at the laboratory to be 100% sure that you are happy prior to fitting.

Minimally Invasive

We are strong advocates of minimally invasive dentistry with aesthetic dentistry being no exception. In our case here, two of the veneers required virtually zero preparation. We aim for this, if at all possible, as this is the biologically sound approach with no physical damage to the underlying tooth. The worst that could happen is that the veneer could come off! When teeth are heavily drilled with severe enamel loss as a result, there is a real risk of nerve damage and even loss of vitality (death of the tooth). This would then need root canal surgery and possibly even a crown with the overall longevity of the tooth reduced. Less is more and minimally invasive dentistry is the way forward.

Before Treatment

Before treatment - replace failing veneers & place veneers on adjacent teeth for symmetry

Our patient had treatment in the past with veneers now failing. With an aesthetic improvement needed, the decision was made to replace the failing veneers and place veneers on the adjacent teeth for symmetry.

After Treatment

After treatment - great improvement with an even, natural, fuller smile

A great improvement with an even, natural, fuller smile and safe in the knowledge that the least possible damage to the underlying teeth has occurred during the entire process. Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel with the laboratory work by the great people at Ceramic Studios.


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