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Jul 2011

Straighten teeth with discreet braces

In the past orthodontic treatment involved metal braces which were worn for typically 1-2 years. With the advances of modern techniques and technology, cosmetic re-alignment of teeth can be achieved quickly and discreetly. There are many methods available which range from removable to fixed solutions. The removable options include the Inman aligner and Invisalign. Inman aligner can correct the front 4 teeth for mild to moderate crowding. The mode of action involves a continual force using nickel titanium springs which guide the teeth into position. Re-alignemnt can be rapid, typically in less than 4 months. Invisalign is a highly sophisticated technique which involves clear aligners to straighten the teeth. Initially your records are sent to the USA. After laser scanning and analysis on their advanced software, a 'Clincheck' is created. This is a video of your current teeth position to an anticipated final result. At this stage, any changes can be made. Once you have agreed the 'Clincheck', the Invisalign aligners are made and ready for fitting. These are changed every 2 weeks until your teeth are straight. As simple as that! For minor movement or finishing after orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are ideal. These are similar to Invisalign aligners. Due to the minor amount of movement correction can be achieved in a few weeks. One such technique is called Simpli5 and we also have our own WOM clear aligners. Once teeth are straight, then they need to be retained. This is done by using a retainer at night or by bonding a wire on the back of the teeth. If major correction has been achieved, then a combination of both is often required. Retention is for life and this should be checked by your own dentist at your regular examination appointments. Our next blog will discuss fixed orthodontic options for cosmetic re-alignment.


Dec 2021

Case of the Month October 2021- Invisalign, whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for October was a simple yet effective one involving three of our favourite techniques: Invisalign, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Crowding of teeth is so common, we would probably say the majority of the population suffer some form of mis alignment of some sort. Luckily, modern day treatments mean that teeth straightening is actually a simply and pain free process. In our case, we used Invisalign Lite which is the 'middle of the road' version which typically takes less than 6 … READ MORE
Sep 2021

Invisalign Lite - a guide to treatment and costs

Invisalign is the world's most well known clear aligner orthodontic treatment. However, not many people know about the history of Invisalign and how it all came about. History of Invisalign Invisalign all started in the mid-90s, when a young Stanford student named Zia Chisti was undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed braces. As a university student, he experienced many of the inconveniences that come with getting braces as a busy adult such as irritation , pain, brackets coming off, sharp wires and nu… READ MORE
Jan 2021

Case of the month December/January 2020/2021

Time has flown by and we forgot to post our case of the month for December so we have decided to combine them with a tremendous case study involving a complete smile transformation. Our client really hated her smile. The main issues were that the smile was not wide enough, the back teeth caved in so that they were not visible on photos and the bite was all over the place. As well as teeth crowding and an overall yellow shade, so a number of aesthetic problems. After careful planning, which is always the key… READ MORE
Sep 2020

Case of the month August 2020- Invisalign, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding

Time is flying by! Kids are back in school, days are getting shorter but at least the sun is still shining. We have been so busy, that we have not posted our case of the month for August. However, the wait has been well worth it with a superb smile transformation using Invisalign clear braces, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding. Initially, our patient came to us with quite short, yellow and crowded teeth. The brief was to be as minimal as possible and try to maintain the teeth as much as … READ MORE


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