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Feb 2015

Advice after fitting your dental braces

After fitting your orthodontic appliance (brace), it is important to follow some simple but important instructions. We have also provided some useful information and advice regarding after care. TOOTHBRUSHING AND ORAL HYGIENE Oral hygiene is critical to the success of treatment. Please brush normally 2-3 times a day using a manual or electric toothbrush. It will be very difficult to floss your teeth but interdental brushes can still be used, which are very effective. The use of a mouthwash is advised on a regular basis, ideally containing fluoride. The latest developments in interdental hygiene include devices such as the Airfloss by Philips and Waterpik units. These are excellent adjunctive techniques and highly recommended for the hard to reach areas. They use a combination of pressure, air and water (or mouthwash) to flush debris away from the contact areas of the teeth. PREVENTING TOOTH DECAY Adhering to a sound oral hygiene regime coupled with the use of fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash will generally prevent any decay around the brace. However, you should also carefully monitor sugar intake throughout the day. High frequency of sugar throughout the day will increase the risk of tooth decay considerably especially when wearing braces. Now is the time to really cut down on those sugary snacks and drinks! We strongly advise using MI plus paste by GC. This is excellent at reversing early decay within the tooth enamel and will help to prevent decay or dimineralisation around the orthodontic brackets. Simply rub a small amount of the paste around the brace with your finger and tongue and discard the excess. Then leave overnight, do NOT rinse with water or mouthwash afterwards. EATING It is important to adopt a soft diet for the first few weeks. This is especially important with lingual braces. Foods to avoid are:

  • Hard crunchy foods such as crusty bread
  • Sticky foods such as toffees
  • Chewy meats
  • Unpitted olives and stone fruits

If you have a tooth coloured brace, please avoid staining foods which could discolour the temporary elastics. These include:

  • Curries
  • Rich tomato based sauces with oil
  • Beetroot
  • Effervescent table drinks such as vitamin supplements and Berroca

LIP OR TONGUE IRRITATION Braces can cause irritation to the tongue or lip after fitting. This will settle once you have become accustomed to the appliance. In the meantime, orthodontic wax or putty placed over the brackets can help to provide some temporary relief. We will provide this for you. PAIN RELIEF Due to the modern technology, there is much reduced pain compared to systems of the past. However, there may be some intermittent pain. Regular pain relief such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or a combination of both should be effective. If there is prolonged severe pain, please contact us. Of course, the most important aspect is that dental braces are temporary! Time will fly by and your teeth will be straight before you know it!


Apr 2021

Dental orthodontic retainers

At the end of orthodontic treatment, retainers must be worn otherwise you run the risk of undoing all of the hard work straightening your teeth. This is called relapse. We advise a combination approach of a fixed wire retainer placed behind the front teeth as well using a removable retainer at night. Fixed Retainer In most cases, we will place the fixed wire retainer immediately after the brace has been removed so that the risk of relapse is minimal. The great advantage of a fixed wire retainer is that it… READ MORE
Jan 2021

Case of the month December/January 2020/2021

Time has flown by and we forgot to post our case of the month for December so we have decided to combine them with a tremendous case study involving a complete smile transformation. Our client really hated her smile. The main issues were that the smile was not wide enough, the back teeth caved in so that they were not visible on photos and the bite was all over the place. As well as teeth crowding and an overall yellow shade, so a number of aesthetic problems. After careful planning, which is always the key… READ MORE
Apr 2019

Case of the Month for March and April 2019

Some of you may have noticed that we missed the Case of the Month for March. However, our case today is worth the wait. Sometimes the end result is so spectacular that it completely transforms the smile, overall aesthetics, confidence and outlook on life. Modern dental orthodontic treatment means that treatment times are often far less than in the past which is a huge bonus. Our case underwent conventional full mouth orthodontics using good old metal brackets, which often are still the best method of treat… READ MORE
Jan 2019

Happy New Year-any resolutions?

We would like to wish you all a very happy new year. Christmas is over with the daily grind in full swing. New Year is typically a time for resolutions and a plan to improve ones health, fitness, diet or general approach to life. We have a few simple resolutions which you may want to consider for 2019: Improving oral hygiene. Oral health is linked to overall health and is simple to improve. Visit our hygienist this month for a full clean and jet wash and advice on how to maintain your gums. Whiten your sm… READ MORE


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