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Feb 2024

Peri Implantitis - What Is It And How Can It Be Treated

Peri implantitis is becoming a major issue for dental implants and it is important to be aware of this when embarking on implant treatment to replace missing teeth. The term relates to a number of factors around implants but the main issues are:

1. Inflammation of the surrounding mucosa ( gum )

2. Increased pocket depths around the dental implant

3. Bleeding on probing

4. Suppuration ( pus oozing from the tissues)

5. Loss of bone around the implant either in a horizontal , vertical or both directions.

This differs from peri implant mucositis where there is bleeding on probing, possible swelling and inflammation and increase in pocket depths BUT there is NO loss of bone around the implants. Peri implant mucositis is reversible but peri implantitis is irreversible. Diagnosis is essential and the earlier the treatment, the better the diagnosis. Often, the disease may go un noticed, very much like gum disease, but once symptoms develop it is often too late to prevent bone loss. It is essential that regular dental and hygiene visits are maintained after dental implant treatments so that any problems can be spotted at an early stage. In general, we would advise twice yearly appointments or quarterly hygiene appointments if there has been past gum disease present.

What Are The Treatments For Peri Implantitis?

In most cases, the initial treatment will be to thoroughly clean the sites using dedicated implant cleaning tools and excellent oral hygiene at home. We have a protocol for the next stage which involves using our amazing Waterlase i Plus laser. The aim of this treatment is to disinfect all of the tissues including the implant surface and allow sound healing and possible regeneration of lost bone. Although there is no guarantee on new bone formation, if there is a vertical defect with a sound horizontal height, we have seen excellent results over the years.

Case Of The Month

Our case of the month for January 2024 highlights what can be achieved with Waterlase i Plus treatment with severe bone loss around a molar dental implant. Initially, there was almost 50% bone loss present with gum bleeding, pus exudate and swelling. After two sessions of peri implantitis treatment, there was resolution of bleeding, firm tissues and over the months, new bony formation. Just take a look at the xrays.

bone regeneration is clear to see & the dental implant is now stable with a good long term prognosis

The bone regeneration is clear to see and the implant is now stable with a good long term prognosis.

Free Video Call

If you have been told there is an issue with your dental implants or been diagnosed with peri implantitis, please contact us and arrange a free video call with Dr Nissit Patel. Here is the link to book :



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Mar 2022

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