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Jan 2024

Invisalign to close an open bite

Our case of the month for December was one using Invisalign Comprehensive to widen the smile line, correct crowding, create a symmetrical smile line and close an open bite. In the past, treatment of an open bite was considered a complex situation which often would involve surgery on one of the jaws. However, with careful planning and utilising all of the technology now at our disposal, we can plan open bite treatments with confidence.

What is an open bite?

In simple terms, an open bite is when the front teeth do not meet and there is space between the upper and lower front teeth. This is actually called an anterior open bite. There is also the same description for the back which would be called a posterior open bite. Open bites at the front are often caused by developmental issues such as jaw positions or thumb sucking whilst the jaws are developing. It can also be caused by a tongue thrust action and all of the causes need to be considered prior to any treatment.

Correcting an open bite is important as this will improve overall function and allow you to eat foods in a normal manner rather than eating everything on the back teeth. The simple joy of biting on an apple with your front teeth cannot be understated!

Before Treatment

For our case, the main issues were that the upper and lower arches were quite narrow with resultant crowding and an open bite at the front.

IMG 9986

Narrow arches are also associated with a 'buccal corridor' where the back teeth cannot be seen on smiling.

After Treatment

Invisalign Comprehensive was used with fully initial digital planning to assess what could be achieved. After super compliance from our patient, we managed to correct all of the issues and transform not only the aesthetic situation but also improve function.

IMG 1687

A wider , more symmetrical smile and closure of the open bite

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