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Mar 2018

Private Dentistry vs NHS Dentistry

The Benefits of Using a Private Dentist

If you are thinking of transferring over to a private dentist but are unsure if the costs are worth it, there are many things you need to consider. Although we are lucky to get free or cheaper NHS healthcare in this country, sometimes paying more means getting more. If you are tired of waiting for treatment, you may want to transfer to a private dental company, here s why. Time With the NHS, they must try and see so many patients in a day to meet demands. This means a dentist will see 40 patients in a day, with 10 minutes allocated to each patient. In the real world, this may not be long enough to get a full history of your habits and if there is anything underlying. When you see a private dentist, they can allocate more time for each patient, meaning it won t be a rush job and you will feel like you are getting the time you paid for. High-Quality Materials The NHS needs to save money wherever possible and, therefore, they may use cheaper materials for fillings such as dental amalgam. These still do the job, but they will not last as long, meaning over time, you ll end up spending the same amount of money you would have on one filling at a private dentist, on the replacement of the first filling at an NHS dentist. At Progressive Dentistry, our private dentists do not use amalgam metal fillings. They only use composite fillings and porcelain inlay/onlays, which do not contain mercury, bond to the underlying teeth and can provide additional support to the teeth. They also look more attractive than the metal fillings. Better Technology Private dentists can choose what technology they would like to use and may go with the more innovative and expensive technology that the NHS cannot. Private dentists may use the latest technology such as intraoral scanners, which ensure the best patient experience whilst taking photos and moulds of the teeth. This makes the time in the chair less uncomfortable and the dentist can see your whole mouth with ease. This technology can give a lot more precision to dental work and anything untoward can be picked up a lot easier, meaning you can feel safe leaving the dentist knowing you have no underlying conditions. Dental Implants Aren t Covered by the NHS Unfortunately, if you need a dental implant, this is not covered by the NHS. If you lose a tooth due to an accident or bad dental hygiene, a dental implant will replace the root of the tooth with a titanium screw and then attach it to the jaw bone, so nobody will know that you have a false tooth in. This is much more aesthetically pleasing and ensures you can feel confident in your smile. Private dentists will carry out dental implants for you that can last 25+ years when looked after appropriately. There are many reasons to transfer to a private dentist, including getting an appointment sooner, spending more time with your dentist, and getting the best technology to make your patient experience better and much more comfortable.



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