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Jan 2023

Invisalign Comprehensive For Rotated Teeth

Our case of the month for December 2022 was a wonderful one where Invisalign was used to corrected a heavily rotated tooth. In the past, we would not have been able to treat this type of tooth rotation with Invisalign and only fixed braces would have been considered. However, with the advancement of technology and digital treatment planning, we can now treat virtually any case with Invisalign. In fact, the system is now so advanced that the end results we are seeing with Invisalign is far superior to the tr… READ MORE
Dec 2022
Dec 2022

Does Too Much Extra Sugar Over Christmas Cause Tooth Decay?

It is difficult to estimate how much sugar an individual consumes over the Christmas holiday, as it can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as age, gender, diet, and activity level. However, it is generally accepted that the average person consumes more sugar during the holiday season than at other times of the year due to an increase in the consumption of sweet treats and beverages. After all, it is Christmas!… READ MORE
Nov 2022

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening And Composite Bonding

Our cosmetic teeth traightening and composite bonding case of the month is really simple yet effective cosmetic dental treatment. In many cases, our patients would simply like to straighten the front teeth only which is quite understandable. If the front 4 teeth or incisor teeth or crooked, overlapping or gappy, then we have techniques which can help to solve the problems. One of those is the Social 6 lingual brace which is especially designed for the incisor teeth only.… READ MORE
Nov 2022

Philips ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Our case of the month November 2022 involves the use of one of our favourite techniques: Philips ZOOM LED teeth whitening. Tooth whitening has been around for many years and there are lots of different systems on the market today. It is probably the most popular cosmetic dental treatment available and for good reason; everyone deserves whiter teeth! The treatment is safe, minimally invasive, easy to maintain and very affordable.… READ MORE
Oct 2022
Oct 2022

The Truth About Tooth Wear

Do you know what the one of the most common dental problems is in the United Kingdom? It's not cavities or gum disease. It's tooth wear! Tooth wear can be caused by a number of factors including acid erosion, bruxism (teeth grinding at night ), and poor oral hygiene. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes, treatment, cost, and prevention of tooth wear. We will also answer some common questions about this condition. If you have tooth wear, you must simply read this article.… READ MORE
Sep 2022

Invisalign Full, Teeth Whitening & A New Front Dental Crown

Our case of the month for September 2022 is a lovely smile transformation done the Progressive Dentistry way with invisalign full, teeth whitening & a new front dental crown. When we plan these types of treatments, we often will look at whether the teeth are in the right place first. Why is this so important? Well the reason is simple. If the teeth are not in the right place or well aligned, any cosmetic treatment will be a big compromise. For instance, in the days gone by, there was a fad for porcelain… READ MORE
Sep 2022

September 19th - We will be closed to respect the passing of her Majesty the Queen

We will be closed on Monday 19th September to show our respects for the Royal Family and the passing of our Queen. Queen Elizabeth was a world wide icon and loved in Britain and across the globe. She was a unique individual who devoted her life to public service for 70 years, a feat that is unlikely to be surpassed in our life time. We are deeply saddened by her death and our thoughts are with her family at this time. We will re open on Tuesday 20th September at 0900. Should you have a dental emergency on M… READ MORE
Sep 2022

Invisalign For Arch Expansion, Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

Our case of the month for August 2022 was a fabulous one! A real smile transformation done correctly. Forget 'Turkey Teeth'! A smile transformation should involve minimal or no biological damage to the teeth and gums to enhance the aesthetic and functional issues. The term 'Turkey Teeth comes from social media posts where a smile makeover is done over a weekend by hacking away natural healthy tooth structure and placing multiple crowns and veneers. These are often linked together with no means of cleaning b… READ MORE


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