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OCT 17
Our case of the month for October involves a smile transformation using multiple porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are very fine, intricate facings that are placed over teeth to improve the overall aesthetic appearance and symmetry. There are a number of reasons why porcelain veneers may be used which could be:

  • Chipped, fractured front teeth

  • Discolouration

  • Spacing

  • Reinforcement due to past root canal treatment

  • Asymmetry such as small, peg shaped teeth


  1. Now, the planning is the key to great end result. Initially, we need good records of your teeth and photographs. The laboratory will then provide a diagnostic wax up. This is essentially the end result and provides the platform to the treatment and final veneers. If we are not happy with the diagnostic wax up then we will alter it until we are both 100% satisfied.

  2. The next step is the preparation appointment. In most cases, we will have planned the overall preparations to be minimal. In some cases, we do not need to cut the teeth at all. The key is to keep the preparations within tooth enamel. Bonding or 'gluing' to enamel is highly predictable. Bonding to tooth dentine is not and this is where problems may arise.

  3. Impressions will then be taken.

  4. Temporary veneers are then made using the wax up. Therefore the temporaries will replicate the final result albeit in a composite/ acrylic material rather than porcelain.

  5. Any adjustments can be made to the temporaries at this stage and the information relayed to the laboratory.

  6. The final veneers are made and ready for cementation.

  7. You have a new smile!


Porcelain veneers are great but they are not as good as your own teeth- sorry! They will need extra special care and looking after. In most cases, we will advise you to adopt a soft diet for a few weeks and use a night guard over the top to protect them from night time grinding. If you are a habitual bruxist (night grinder), then you should be using a guard regardless to protect your teeth from wear and tear.

Floss and inter dental aids are important to keep the veneer margins clean. Water flosses such as the Waterpik and Philips Airfloss are also useful.

Regular visits to the dental hygienist and dentist will be required for general maintenance. If you are not prepared to take extra special care of your new lovely veneers, then you should really think of another solution.

Here are the photos of our case of the month:

Before porcelain veneers. Discoloured teeth, badly built up in composite and asymmetry Before porcelain veneers. Discoloured teeth, badly built up in composite and asymmetry

After veneers After porcelain veneers. A smile transformed.

This case really highlights the difference that can be made. A Hollywood transformation. If you live in Fulham, SW6 or the surrounding areas of Putney, Chelsea, Battersea and Kensington and  would like to discuss porcelain veneers, please pop in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your options.

Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel. Laboratory work completed by the White Lab.
SEP 17
Are you looking for a dentist in Fulham, London, SW6? If so, look no further. There are many dentists in Fulham and the surrounding areas and you may ask why should we choose you. Well, there are a number of reasons which we hope will help you make the decision to choose us as your dental practice.


  1. Dental expertise. Dr Nissit Patel, our Principal Dentist, is a recognized dental expert with over 17 years experience. He has achieved the prestigious qualification of Master of Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics from Kings College, London and was a clinical teacher at Guys Hospital for 7 years from 2007-2014. He is now part of the post graduate panel at Kings College on the MClinDent program.

  2. Minimally Invasive Ethos. No longer should you put up with out dated dentistry and a 'drill and fill' culture. We are minimally invasive and will aim to preserve your teeth for the long term.

  3. Advanced technology. We are one of only a few practices in the UK, let alone Fulham, to offer the Waterlase i Plus and Epic 10 diode lasers. This technology has transformed the way we perform treatments. We hardly ever use scalpels for surgery, can clean deep gum pockets like nothing else, sterilise root canals far more than the convention, need far less anaesthetic, perform small fillings without the need for a drill, help to heal ulcers and cold sores and much more.

  4. Communication. Seeing is believing. We will show you everything we do using intra oral cameras, SLR digital photographs and digital x rays so that you know exactly what is happening in your mouth.

  5. Flexibility. We offer appointments 6 days a week, early morning and late evening. We have appointments to suit, please just ask.

  6. Portfolio. Dr Patel has completed thousands of cases with stunning results. We have a Case of the Month available to view on our website:

  7. Word of mouth referrals. If you would like to speak with someone who has had similar treatments, we will put you in touch with them so that they can share their experiences with you.

  8. Continuity of care. Are you fed up of seeing a different dentist every time? No more. You will see the same dentist each time. After all, dental care is built on trust and developing a professional relationship. This is not possible if you see a different dentist every appointment and have to explain your history every time. This is not 'care'.

  9. Good transport links. We are just a stones throw from Putney Bridge Underground station, a ten minute walk (brisk!) from Putney Train station and there are also a number of buses which stop at Fulham High Street including 14, 74, 220, 414, 430. Parking is also available on Fulham High Street and surrounding roads such as Bishops Avenue, Fulham Road, New Kings Road for example.

  10. Commitment to education. We never stop learning and keeping up to date. Our dentists not only attend hundreds of hours of professional learning per year but Dr Patel also provides webinars and acts as a mentor to other dentists.



So, if you would like to choose us for your dental care please get in touch:

Tel 0207 7311162



SEP 17
Our case of the month for September 2017 is a wonderful teeth straightening case using one of our favourite braces- Social 6 lingual brace. Lingual braces are placed on the INSIDE of your teeth which means it is the only invisible brace treatment available. Other techniques such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles may say their treatment is discreet but there is only one truly invisible brace.

Aside from this, most treatments are incredibly quick. We have found the average time to be 3-4 months. This really flies by and the brace is removed before you know it. Another huge bonus is that the brace is only placed on 6 teeth making it the smallest fixed brace on the market and therefore very comfortable.

Here is a case we completed today:

Very crooked front teeth. Our patient hated her smile.  Very crooked front teeth. Our patient hated her smile.

Straight teeth in only 12 weeks! Amazing. Straight teeth in only 12 weeks! Amazing.

As you can see from the above photographs, the transformation is quite simply stunning. Our client is now ecstatic and cannot help to show off her smile. What is that worth? We think a lot more than the very special offer of £995 for the Social 6 lingual brace!

If you would like to straighten your upper or lower front teeth in super quick time, in time for Christmas, contact us today!

Photographs are the sole property of Dr Nissit Patel and cannot be copied/ reproduced without strictly written permission.
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